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Expandable search with reset button

January 2, 2015

HTML5 defines new input search types such as text, search, tel, date, email, etc. Mobile devices display the related keyboard using this type. For instance, a <input type="date"> will reveal a date picker in your mobile device. Or <input type="search"> shows a reset button at the right. However, for desktop browsers the support may be problematic. For instance, in the case of <input type="search">, reset button works fine in Opera, Safari, and Chrome but in Firefox. Thus, either you want the reset button for all browsers, or you want to design your own fancy one, of which I will demonstrate here.

ContextMenu with AngularJS Directives

June 27, 2014

Directives are the building block of AngularJS. Up till now, I was an end user for directives. Beforehand, I had some small and unsuccessful trials. This time, I take my time to read blogs, books and watch videos and realized that there are several concepts to understand to fully comprehend directives. For me, the most important ones are linking, compiling, defining the scope of the directive and data binding.

CoffeeScript ve BackboneJS Dolu Bir Haftasonu

January 25, 2014

Aslında her şey bir tesadüf eseri başladı. Bütün haftasonunu kapsayan dolu dolu bir CoffeScript ve BackboneJS eğitimi olduğunu öğrendim. Nasıl öğrendiğimi hiç sormayın oldukça düşük bir olasılık. Yüce kozmoz bu eğitime katılmam için gerekli olan zincirleme olayları bilinçli olarak başlattı diye düşünüyorum :)